About the Glia Group

The Glia Group was formed in February, 2000 by three individuals with expertise in banking law and regulation and in communicating information via the Internet. Glia's three principals, long-time banking attorney Mary Beth Guard, Dr. Michele Petry and Carin Eisenhauer, are joined by veteran banking attorney Sam Ott, and patent attorney/telecommunications expert Lynndon Michael Guard.

Glia Group, Inc. has partnered with the Bankers Information Network to create BankersOnline.com, the premier portal for the financial services industry, and BankingQuestions.com, an information-rich site for banking customers, both consumers and businesses.

Glia's mission is to effectively leverage its knowledge and expertise in the Internet domain and financial industry for the development and promotion of powerful and effective Internet information portals for the financial services industry and customers of financial institutions.

Since 2003, Glia Group has delivered training over the Internet via webinars and CD ROMs under the name BOL Learning Connect.

About Our Name

Glia, pronounced "Glee a", is the Greek word for glue. It is also the name of a neural cell that forms the infrastructure for the brain, enabling other neural cells to find their way throughout development. Glia Group, Inc. is expert at developing "infoglue" for the Web, making knowledge and information stick.