Mary Beth Guard

Mary Beth Guard is CEO of Glia Group, Inc. and Executive Editor of and Executive Editor of She also serves as outside general counsel for the Oklahoma Bankers Association.

In a career spanning more than three decades, she has gained a national reputation as a banking attorney, speaker, writer and Internet expert. Prior to joining Glia, Mary Beth
  • served from 1989-1997 as the in-house Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Chief Operating Officer for the Oklahoma Bankers Association;
  • held the position of General Counsel for the Oklahoma State Banking Department;
  • created a nationally-recognized daily online magazine for bankers in her capacity as EVP of Specialized Services for Thomson Financial Publishing.
Currently, Mary Beth maintains an active nationwide speaking schedule, teaching seminars and speaking at conferences on over thirty different topics, including, "Fair Credit Reporting Act", "Truth in Lending", Information Security", "Compliance with OFAC", "Safe Deposit Legal Issues," "Financial Privacy" and "State and Federal Lending Regulation." She serves as Executive Editor of and writes frequently for the site. For many years, Mary Beth served as a member of the editorial board of ABA Bank Compliance Magazine, on the Advisory Board for Bankers' Hotline, and as a founding organizer of MetaFund. Mary Beth remains on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of MetaFund. She was previously appointed by the Governor to the Capitol-Medical Center Zoning Commission and also served as President of the Lincoln Terrace Neighborhood Association.

Both while in-house with the Oklahoma Bankers Association, and now as outside counsel, Mary Beth serves as a resource for the 100+ member banks of the association, answering questions on a wide range of banking and legal issues. In addition, she authors the Legal Briefs, a monthly publication addressing banking law issues, drafts proposed legislation and teaches frequent seminars.

Mary Beth has taught programs for a host of organizations, including, for example:

American Bankers Association
  • National Regulatory Compliance Conferences
  • National Operations & Automation Conference
  • National Compliance School
  • National Bank Security School
  • Compliance Teleconference
  • Telephone Briefings
Bank Administration Institute (BAI)
  • School of Bank Administration
  • National Bank Security Officers School
America's Community Bankers
Bankers' Hotline Security Officers Workshop
FFIEC - Risk Management Conference
FFIEC Trust Examiners Training Conference
Independent Community Bankers of American (ICBA)
Society of Financial Examiners
Midwest Financial Crimes Workshop (sponsored by the National Association of Attorney Generals)
California Bankers Association
Iowa Bankers Association
Illinois Bankers Association
Kansas Bankers Association
Kentucky Bankers Association
Massachusetts Bankers Association
Michigan Bankers Association
Mississippi Bankers Association
Missouri Bankers Association
Oklahoma Bankers Association
Oklahoma Bar Association
Tennessee Bankers Association
Texas Bankers Association
Community Bankers Association of Alabama
Conference on Consumer Finance
Conference of State Bank Supervisors
American Express Official Check & Money Order Division
National Association of Trust Audit & Compliance Professionals (now FIRMA)
Credit Union National Association

Articles written by Mary Beth have appeared in the ABA Weekly, Consumer Finance Quarterly, and the ABA Bank Compliance magazine and a number of state association publications on topics ranging from banking law/compliance to technology.

Recently, Mary Beth served for five years on the faculty of the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado. <>
Since 1992, as a partner in BankGuard Resources, Mary Beth has been responsible for the development of a line of training videos, such as "Banker's Guide to Powers of Attorney" and "Banker's Guide to the Internet" and popular sets of compliance matrices for operations and lending that were endorsed and sold by fourteen state bankers associations. With the recent Dodd-Frank regulations, new versions of the matrices are eagerly anticipated by the industry.

Mary Beth continues to maintain a heavy speaking schedule. In addition to her speeches, she has also entertained audiences nationwide with magic performances and is an active member of the Society of American Magicians.

Mary Beth also served as a core faculty member for the ABA's American Financial Skylink satellite television network, as an instructor for the Bank Directors College,a member of the ABA Privacy Rights Working group, and a charter faculty member of the Jack T. Conn Graduate School of Community Banking at Oklahoma City University.